NEW Live Album: Tales From The Oregon Trail

Tales From The Oregon Trail

In December 2014 we did a run of shows on the west coast, which included a multitrack recording of the show from Portland, Oregon on 12/12. It was a high-energy face-melting folk-rockin' night recorded, mixed and mastered by John Coretto, our fearless front of house engineer and friend. Note: not sure how he puts up with us. Tales From The Oregon Trail is 10 songs pulled from the energy in the air that evening. Eight songs are full band with special guest Mark Karan (of Ratdog fame). Two are Reid strumming solo on the old guitar.

With our last studio record Sunshot, we intentionally tried to make more of a sparse and mellower singer-songwriter record. Less rock and more folk. We were thrilled with the way it turned out and it explored a side of the band that is less obvious in the live performance. That said you can't make the same record over and over again without feeling and sounding stale. It would be like eating steak every night for dinner — one needs some fiber in the diet. But we are after all primarily a live band, and one must have the proverbial &steak! Sans the two acoustic tracks at the end of the recording, Tales From The Oregon Trail is a full-blown jamband record... bring it, hippies!

If you're sick of Reid's "I have a soul of a flower" singer-songwriter rap, or never dug it in the first place, press pause on Downton Abbey and listen to this bad boy loud, you are going to dig it. Why? Because Adam Terrell, John Leccese, Jason Crosby, Dave Diamond and special guest Mark Karen are BLAZING musicians and they go apeshit on this recording. It's available now to stream on Soundcloud for free! It will also be available for download in our “heady“ digital store on 4/20, and in all digital music stores May 3rd.

Below is a bunch of lies and propaganda. Have a look-see and a listen. Sharing is caring — you guys are our life blood — to the extent that you feel comfortable and inspired, please share with your friends and family via social media, smoke signal, or Bantu Subsaharan Expressive African Dance. Lastly, if you want to say yo or reach out to us directly hit us up on Facebook.

Introducing Jeffery’s Jungle

Jeffrey's Jungle

Reid has published his first children’s book entitled Jeffery’s Jungle. It’s a book that bounces and bends like one of his songs. Jeffery’s Jungle is a a playful 24-page children’s book for ages 4-9. Written by Reid and illustrated by Alan Close, a friend he met some 15 years ago through his musical touring. It chronicles the mischief of a young boy and the power of his imagination.

“I was initially inspired to start writing poems when I was 10 after reading Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends. At the time I was also learning to play the guitar and started writing songs.” Reid said, “Lyrically I have been most inspired by Robert Hunter. While Hunter and Shel have very distinct linguistic styles and distinctly unrelated careers there is sense of poetic myth, mischief, and intimacy that both writers embrace. Having three young boys was the kicker in terms of inspiration. I love myth, mischief and stories of all kinds and so do they.”

Jeffery’s Jungle is inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends and in the spirit of The Cat in the Hat. If you have kids or if you’re just a fan of Reid’s writing, this is a fun read.

Assembly of Strange Wine

We are thrilled to announce two shows affectionately being referred to as "Assembly of Strange Wine"... Friday, January 15th at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, and Saturday, January 16th at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. These shows will feature individual sets from Assembly of Dust, Strangefolk and God Street Wine as well as many collaborations and end-of-the-evening musical melting pots. Both shows go on sale to the public this Friday, 10/30 at the links below. We hope to see you all there!

01/15/2016 - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY: Purchase Tickets

01/16/2016 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA: Purchase Tickets


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