Happy New Year | 🎸 | Tour Dates

Reid, John, Dave and "Folks" (listed below) are headed out to celebrate the release of Reid & Folks' new album Conspire to Smile. The album includes 11 reimagined covers and 2 originals, one of which, Amplified Messiah is performed by Assembly of Dust. The list of the performers on the record boasts 27 musicians. The Folks include all of the members of AOD & Strangerfolk, Jason Crosby, Scott Metzger, LEBO, Jen Hartswick, Ryan Monbleau, Aaron Maxwell, Peter Prince, Scott Law, Grahame Lesh, Elliott Peck and a host of others blazing musicians from our scene. For an overview of the album click here. For info on tour dates click here.

Your Lore #4: John August Leccese

As we gear up for the official release of #ConspireToSmile and buckle up for a series of album release shows, I thought it would be cool to tell each of the individual "Folks" stories by way of celebrating these talented dudes and heightening the collective Lore. John Leccese is more than any old Folk, to state the obvious he's the lead rock bass player and founding member of Assembly of Dust. He and I have known each other for more than 20 years. He is my musical compadre, confidant and amongst my closest friends. John wears many hats in Assembly of Dust including musical director (he knows the songs better than I do), setlist writer (he knows the songs better than I do) and master of the one-eyed stage shame hammer (he knows the songs better than I do). In addition to being my broseph and our musical map, John has a host of wonderful approaches to life. His personality is like his bass playing - buoyant. He notices and appreciates the details of the every day in a way few people do, which is a gift and inspiration to be around. One of the earliest seeds of what would become Assembly of Dust occurred at a Percy Hill show in NH sometime during the summer of 2001 amidst a conversation with John. The next chapter of that conversation is still unfolding in John's Lore.