Tales From The Oregon Trail (2016)

Tales From The Oregon Trail is an energetic journey through some of AOD's strongest material, recorded live in concert in Portland, Oregon on 12-12-14. The 10-track release is ripe with both intricate electric improvisation and wood-tinged acoustic intimacy, creating a sound that AOD founder and frontman Reid Genauer has endearingly dubbed “face-melting folk rock.” Among the road-tested tunes on Tales From The Oregon Trail are “All That I Am Now” and “Samuel Aging,” as well as the premiere of Genauer's solo-acoustic cover of Neil Young's “Comes a Time.”

01. Second Song  07:25
02. All That I Am Now  10:10
03. Filter  09:26
04. Mama  07:25
05. Rachel  06:12
06. Stone Choir  09:19
07. Myth of Mine  04:46
08. Samuel Aging  7:43
09. Comes a Time  04:23
10. Crest of My Wing  04:58

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Sun Shot (2013)

Produced by Assembly of Dust and Grammy Award-winning engineer Ryan Freeland. Featuring Reid Genauer, Adam Terrell, John Leccese, Dave Diamond and Jason Crosby. Sun Shot is one part singer-songwriter, one part alt-country and one part rock 'n' Roll, but the thread tying it all together is Genauer's heartfelt and beautifully written lyrics. In 2009 The New York Times praised Genauer's songwriting skills as some of the most eloquent “to emerge in the long wake of the Grateful Dead,” and the songs on Sun Shot may be the best work of his career.

01. Grey Believer 04:31
02. Vaulted Sky 04:02
03. Sun Shot 05:01
04. Unvarnished 04:39
05. Cluttered 03:48
06. Lost and Amazed 05:05
07. Avenue of the Giants 04:14
08. Arkansas Down 05:07
09. Myth of Mine 03:55
10. Weehawken Ferry 03:59
11. Silver and Worn 03:18
12. Mrs. What You Are 02:41

Found Sound (2011)

Found Sound represents a behind-the-curtain look at a band that has gained notoriety as a studio/live performance hybrid. AOD's crew secretly recorded the band in order to capture totally inspired, unfiltered versions of their best material. While the album maintains the well crafted songs and lyrical depth that Genauer and company are known for, it separates itself from past efforts with an energetic delivery that showcases true musicianship. The energy captured on Found Sound represents what fans from coast to coast have known for years: music's best kept secret may have just been found.

01. Zero to the Skin  05:31
02. Feline Disguise  04:44
03. Long Dead  06:06
04. Drawn  04:28
05. Songbeard  10:53
06. Borrowed Feet  07:56
07. Cabin John  13:08
08. Lady Madonna  05:40

Some Assembly Required (2009)

Each of Assembly of Dust's songs are realized with an ace band — Genauer on vocals and rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Adam Terrell, bassist John Leccese and drummer Andy Herrick — and a diverse collection of collaborators (including Béla Fleck, David Grisman, John Scofield, Mike Gordon, Richie Havens, and Martin Sexton). Highlights include: opener “All That I am Now,” with Genauer trading verses with Havens over a galloping, insistent beat and swirls of psychedelic guitar, the “Strawberry Fields”-esque “Arc of the Sun,” the aching beauty of “Light Blue Lover” with Genauer backed by the supple harmonies of Grace Potter and the guitar work of Tony Rice, and the country shuffle of “Leadbelly,” enhanced by the masterful pedal steel of Jerry Douglas.

01. All That I Am Now  03:38
02. Pedal Down  03:50
03. Cold Coffee  03:41
04. Arc of the Sun  05:13
05. The Second Song  04:11
06. Light Blue Lover  05:03
07. Edges  04:52
08. Leadbelly  04:17
09. Borrowed Feet  03:41
10. Revelry  04:41
11. Straight  03:38
12. High Brow  04:23
13. You Lay the Dust  03:19

Recollection (2007)

An album of easy-flowing pop-soul. The overall blueprint — Reid Genauer's Lowell George-styled vocals, smooth backing harmonies by his band mates, and mellow funk arrangements reminiscent of Little Feat — is firmly in place on the opening cut, “Grand Design.” Genauer is joined by keyboardist Nate Wilson, lead guitarist Adam Terrell, bassist John Leccese, and drummer Andrew Herrick on ten original songs. The harmony on songs like "Whistle Clock" is outstanding, and the guitar/keyboard mix adds a bright edge. Assembly of Dust also know how to mix upbeat songs like “Samuel Aging” with slower, ballad-paced material like “40 Reasons,” giving Recollection a nice ebb and flow. The band members and producer Josh Pryor have kept the overall production simple, allowing each instrument to stand out clear and clean in the mix.
- Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr. (All Music Guide)

01. Grand Design  03:55
02. Telling Sue  04:22
03. Zero to the Skin  04:28
04. Whistle Clock  06:29
05. Samuel Aging  04:37
06. 40 Reasons  04:57
07. Bootlegger's Advice  04:40
08. The Honest Hour  04:16
09. Truck Farm  04:52
10. Walking on Water  04:49

The Honest Hour (2004)

Recorded live with an ear and mind toward songcraft, Genauer seamlessly melds the two and uniquely bridges that gap once and for all. The disc's nine tracks are a mix of new AOD songs and re-imagined versions of songs Genauer wrote for his former band, Strangefolk. Culled from a show in Troy, NY in early 2004, The Honest Hour boasts both the open-sky breeziness and energy of a live show, but also the pristine production of a studio album. The songs here are genuine, timeless, and substantive: a testament to critics who early on dubbed Genauer “one of the most vital voices, singers, storytellers and songwriters of today's live music scene.”

01. Man With a Plan  05:36
02. Harrower  06:53
03. Honest Hour  04:48
04. Roads  06:21
05. Paul Henry  04:06
06. Speculator  11:11
07. Honey Creeper  08:17
08. Bus Driver  04:16
09. Fountain  06:47

The Assembly of Dust (2003)

This CD was released as a Reid Genauer solo album entitled Assembly of Dust. The band was originally billed under Reid's name and then as “Reid Genauer and The Assembly of Dust” after the release of this record. The line-up featured what was at the time a veritable who's who of the New England jam scene, friends whose paths have crossed countless times and who have shared the stage on numerous occasions – keyboardist Nate Wilson and bassist John Leccese of Percy Hill; guitarist Adam Terrell of Groove Child, and drummer Andy Herrick of Moon Boot Lover – they would of course become Assembly of Dust.

01. Of Mortals  00:06
02. Burned Down  03:50
03. Filter  04:35
04. Songs We Sing  04:03
05. Drawn  04:07
06. Tavern Walker  04:25
07. Forty Five Degrees  04:08
08. Etta James  04:44
09. Sideways Train  05:38
10. Shame  02:48
11. Love Junkie  05:51
12. Bow  04:21
13. Serenade Serine  02:11